viernes, 1 de abril de 2011

The Battle of Vincennes

Well al the battle began when in October 7, 1778, a group of 175 settlers and 60 indians left for Vincennes.  They arrived on December 17, 1778, but they actually didn't fight because the fort was only protected by Captain Lord Helm and other three Virginians. Frenchmen surrounded them, and they surrender with firing any shot.

Soldiers walking toward Vincennes
Lt. Colonel Hamilton made a big mistake by believing that no one would attempt to attack the fort so he let the Indians and the militiamen go back to their homes. He lost Vincennes again to the British.
On February 5, 1779 Lt. Colonel Clark gave the order to do an expedition, with the objective of recapturing Vincennes. The trip to Vincennes was very harsh because of the rain that fall down during the Winter. Lt. Clark developed the plan of attacking during the night of the 23rd. Something interesting is that Lt. Hamilton didn't realize they were under attack until he was informed that a Colonel was wounded. During all that night they continued to fire. Hamilton was forced to surrender because reinforcements were 500 miles away. Also because he thoght that they were surrounded by 500 men when they were actually surrounded by 172 men. Lt. Hamilton surrendered on February 25, 1779.

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